Delectable menu for the wedding according to the taste buds

Posted By Evebash

Delicious cuisines and an impeccable menu of the wedding is an extremely magnetic element of any wedding. And the specific relevance has to be put forth towards the selection of right food. The country which prides itself of lashed with rich culture and heritage has the endless number of foods related to them and the magnificent presence of such recipes is highly evident in the weddings. Serving to the various taste buds these food are just wow. And with the advent of westernization people are also open towards the lip-smacking recipes that are Chinese, Italian, Mexican, etc. Thus have the glance at the prerequisite of the food preference.

The mix of Indian and western food: is the usual pattern which is observed in the events as they are tremendously preferred these days. Indian weddings offer a plethora of jaw-dropping food which satisfies the guests. From Mughlai creamy curries to chocolaty desserts, many varieties of foods are served during wedding ceremonies. The massive spreads of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food of different cuisines are prepared to make the wedding unforgettable.

And the most desired Chinese and continental food includes chicken and fish chilly tossed in chili sauce with onion and capsicum, fried rice with all the vegetables, baked corn spinach topped with cheese, baked chicken in white sauce and cheese, lamb salsa stir-fried in salsa sauce, vegetable stroganoff prepared with seasonal vegetables in brown sauce, baby corn Florentine baked in white sauce and topped with cheese and many more on the list.

Focusing on the spiciness of food: Spicy dishes are must for Indian weddings and they don’t disappoint the guests. Authentic mixed vegetables, chicken handi prepared with Indian spices with rich tomato onion gravy, a mutton stew which is light and spicy, daal tadka sauteed with red chili and garam masala are the necessary items served in a wedding reception.

Match the traditional food: when the menu is decided for a party, traditional state food is also taken into consideration for the guests. Mini dosa, uttapam, and idli are prepared which are typical south Indian dish, khakhra, dhokla, and thepla for the Gujarati’s, chhola and kulcha for the north Indians and macher jhol, shukto and payes from the Bengali cuisine.

Variation in the menu:  can be found right from the starters to soup, chat to dessert, fruit juices, and main course. One of the most famous item for a wedding party is paani puri and chaat and is loved by all the guests especially the ladies and kids. Different kinds of kababs, fries, soups, and mocktails are served as starters followed by main course and delicious desserts. 

Generally, people prefer a mixture of cuisines in the wedding party. A detailed menu is presented with a wide array of dishes of different cuisine and ten to twenty items for each section are selected for the party, like sixteen types of Mughlai dishes which consists of mutton dum biryani, chicken korma prepared in cashew and creamy base, fluffy stuffed and assorted breads, daal makhni with lots of butter and ghee, paneer lababdaar with thick and white gravy and so on.

Go for the contemporary dish: which are uniquely and aesthetically served and satisfies the taste palette differently. And they are not so usual dishes but are highly palpitating for example papri chat in martini glasses, parantha tacos, vodka golgappas, etc.

Have a smashing time choosing your menu and dive deeper in the world of flavors likely.