Facts to keep in mind while selecting the venue

Posted By Evebash

The venue is the most important element of the parties as they create the right essence and environment. From closed space to beaches the venue showcases a huge relevance to the decoration. The pleasure of having the occasion in the garden is quite different to the one that is organized in the villa, thus here are some checklists which do the justice in selecting the right venue. Go for the venue which advances the facilities that you are your guests are looking for.

Check the Guest size: Book the venue according to the size of the guests attending the party. Hence if one wants to book a banquet hall, make sure to check the capacity of the room so that the guests can comfortably enjoy the party. Additionally, the pros and cons attached to the niche party are very different than to the large size event.

Location: The location selected for the party should be in the proximity of the guest’s residence or office. It should be within a reasonable distance from most of the guest’s home or place of work as it becomes easy to navigate. If the guests are from other cities, a venue near to airport or their hotels should be considered.

Parking: Do check whether the venue you are selecting has a parking lot or valet parking. If it’s not possible at the venue then check the parking lots nearby so that the attendees can access and use the facility. Reserve the nearby parking lot for the guests in advance for the party.

Service & amenities: Check whether the venue has the catering facility and can they provide exotic cuisines to the party. If they provide catering, decide the menu and the total cost for the event. Let them know whether it’s a vegetarian or non-vegetarian party. Taste the food so as to decide and know whether they provide chairs, tables, and linens to match the theme of the party. Moreover, find the venue which has a clean-up crew and service.

Beautification of the venue: while booking pay special attention to the interior decoration and architecture of the building. If you are booking the venue for a reception or birthday party, make sure to decorate the outer portion of the venue with flowers or balloons. Decoration packages are provided by the venues for every type of events. If the lights are not bright enough check with the venue owner and get arranged the brighter lights set up so that your pictures are clear and vibrant.

Emphasize the layout: Let the venue owner know the type of event you are planning so that the important factors are considered. Whether you are organizing a fun activity, game or gift exchange, the size of the venue matters a lot. Make note of everything like where audio-visual equipment is and flow of traffic at the time of the event.

The selection of the venue requires enough precision and expertise. As numerous factors are to be kept in mind according to the guest’s size and temperament, thus choose your venue wisely.